More Songs and Stories From Home

The More Songs and Stories from Home Podcast gives voice to songs with stories and stories with songs written and being written over the course of a lifetime. Many illuminating the journey we all make, together and alone, finding our way home.

Or to say again what I said introducing the first Songs and Stories from Home podcasts, As someone who has faith in the power of stories and songs – who believes in the might, magic, and mystery of loving and being loved – and who trusts that together songs sung, stories told, and love shared can help bring us together and lead us home – I’d like to welcome you now to More Songs and Stories from Home.

Among my biggest challenges has been to finally feel at home with myself and the world we share. To have faith in who I am apart from and as part of the greater whole. Though for some it may be too simple and for others simply naïve, for me it was a pathway lit by love and led by songs and stories.

A journey still ongoing. Perhaps we can go part of the way together.

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The 6 episode '1968' podcast series documents a journey, for our country and for me personally, toward a doorway out of a past we will never return to toward a future we can scarcely imagine.

Back to the Big Room

5 episodes telling the story of how 4 young musicians in 1967, Morning Ryde, made recordings that lead to something big.  

One Love and Two Lives

7 episodes exploring the stories, memories and reflections of my childhood home and town revisited.

Concert for the Class of '65

5 episodes. In the Summer of 2022 my high school classmates and I went back to the high school auditorium where we first came together as a class 60 years earlier.

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Songs and Stores From Home

The first weeks will be mostly introducing SONGS that talk about the various rooms to visit on the website – songs that relate to the threads of my life and career – this song about my career with The Brothers Four – this with my friend, Mike McCoy – this introducing my life partner. In each of those weeks the song I’m sharing will be available as a FREE DOWNLOAD.

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One of Those Times in a Life

The Fall of 2010 was a unique moment in my life and career. Read more... Three albums representing the various threads of my career were being released nearly simultaneously. I had spent the previous months transforming a long held fear filled family secret into a story encircled in love. The threads of a life and career were finally untangled enough to spin into yarns and those yarns woven into a tapestry. The result is 49 Campfires sharing the songs and stories of ONE OF THOSE TIMES IN A LIFE.

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