One Love and Two Lives - Part 1

(Episode 7)
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On May 28, 2022 it was 25 years since my dad died. The next day would have been my mother's 100th birthday. Two important days for Pat and me to be in Spokane to celebrate my parents' lives and the roles they continue to play.

Pat and I began by visiting places they lived and worked and worshipped and raised their family. We then visited various gardens and celebrated their continued connection to each other as well as to our lives. We moved on to the river where we began to connect their lives to a greater scheme of life. After visiting the gravesite where they are together forever we returned to the river, at that moment representing a river of love, a river of life.

At each of our stops we sang and spoke and placed roses or rose petals. 

At the end of the second day there was a sense it was time to go home. Somehow preparing to and then honoring their lives they had somehow became Guardians and Guides...Part of a Bigger Story, Part of a Timeless Song.

This series of Podcasts is an attempt to capture those days and their transformation in songs and stories. 

Here is a link to the Blog Post talking more about Part of a Bigger Story, Part of a Timeless Song