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Here you'll find all episodes from my latest podcast.  All episodes are available in both video and audio.  Most recent episodes are listed first.

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  • 1968 - Part 6

    (Episode 25)

    My wife and I moved out to the Olympic Peninsula in 2002. Not long after we arrived we met Flora May and Bob Bradley. That next summer Bob introduced me to the Olympic Mountains.

    1968 Part 6 podcast image
  • 1968 - Part 5

    (Episode 24)

    By the end of the Summer of 1968 my dreams of becoming a doctor had been replaced by thoughts of pursuing a music career or continuing to do social work in New York City.

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  • 1968 - Part 4

    (Episode 23)

    The Summer of 1968 opened up new worlds to me and for me. My three college friends and I represented the University of Washington in a national talent show.

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  • 1968 - Part 3

    (Episode 22)

    My two monumental experiences of the Summer of 1968 were connected by a flight from Hamilton, Bermuda where I had just spent a week singing for a group of kids from Manhattan's Lower East Side to L

    Mark with a pink shirt, giving his podcast.
  • 1968 - Part 2

    (Episode 21)

    In the Summer of 1968 I went back to New York City to do social work. On some level at 21 years old I wanted to do what I could to change the world.

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  • 1968 - Part 1

    (Episode 20)

    Albert Einstein famously said that "Imagination is more important than knowledge. Knowledge is limited.

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  • Back to the Big Room - Part 5

    (Episode 19)

    For me there is something special about putting new memories on top of precious old ones. Something about music that can transport and transform us.

    Back to the Big Room Part 5 podcast image: Mark and friends seated in a living room playing guitars.
  • Back to the Big Room - Part 4

    (Episode 18)

    It was something special to go back with three guys who became lifetime friends to where we met and sing again the songs we sang when we were just getting to know each other.

    Back to the Big Room Part 4 podcast image: Mark, seated playing guitar chatting with his wife and a friend
  • Back to the Big Room - Part 3

    (Episode 17)

    A lot of times it's hard for me to know how to tell someone how much I care for them. It's easier sometimes to sit down with a pen and paper and put those thoughts into a letter.

    Back to the Big Room Part 3 podcast image: Mark Pearson, Lindsey Buller Maliekel, John Buller
  • Back to the Big Room - Part 2

    (Episode 16)

    As I get closer to the end of my career, I appreciate even more where and how it all began.

    Back to the Big Room Part 2 podcast image