1968 - Part 3

(Episode 22)
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My two monumental experiences of the Summer of 1968 were connected by a flight from Hamilton, Bermuda where I had just spent a week singing for a group of kids from Manhattan's Lower East Side to Los Angeles where my college friends and I then competed in the semifinals of Your All-American College Show. On one hand doing work that felt like it made a difference, on the other singing with my friends on national television. Two experiences that were opening doors to worlds I had never imagined. Worlds that did not collide but combined for the first time in those few days in the Summer of 1968. 

Here's a link to a Blog Post of a performance that introduced Karen Carpenter to the world. My friends and I are the four guys in the back in sport jackets and ties.

Here's a link to the Song with Story, "Abraham, Martin, and John" recorded by The Brothers Four in January of 1969. Click below and you can take that recording home with you...


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Take this song home with you: DOWNLOAD 11 Abraham, Martin, and John.mp3

In January of 1969 I was a member of The Brothers Four recording what would be their/our last recording for Columbia Records. One of the songs on that album was "Abraham, Martin, and John." It is offered here as a free download.