1968 - Part 2

(Episode 21)
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In the Summer of 1968 I went back to New York City to do social work. On some level at 21 years old I wanted to do what I could to change the world. Though the world did not change much that summer my life was forever changed and before the year was out going in a direction I never could have imagined. 

Early in my time in New York I asked a new roommate and friend if he had any advice on what I could or should do. His advice was timeless and profound. "The most important thing you can do is BE yourself."

The truth of that idea was quickly tested when I was asked to provide music for a gathering of inner-city kids on a little island off Bermuda. The kids were African, Puerto Rican, and Chinese Americans. They were not familiar with the music I sang. Yet after a week we all seemed to realize that we were part of something we all needed. To feel we were part of something bigger than ourselves and all in this together.  

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