Mark Solo
Mark Solo

Solo Career

Singing and performing since the age of fifteen, Pearson has developed an individual style both as a singer and as a songwriter. He has released a number of solo albums highlighting his voice and song writing.


Pearson’s song, “I Will Be There,” was part of The Brothers Four album, “1970.” In 1975 Mark was offered a staff writing position with Tree International, Nashville’s largest publishing company. “I Tried Not Falling in Love,” became the US debut single for Swiss recording artist, Suzanne Klee. The Duttons recorded “Love Has Survived.” “Let Love Go Forward” is being considered for the soundtrack of a new movie. The closest Pearson came to “making it” as a songwriter came when Johnny Cash took an interest in his song, “Dear Partner,” initially to record on his own and then with Willie Nelson as part of their first Highwaymen album. “Heart of the Heartland,” a song Pearson co-wrote with his friend Leslie Eliel, has been featured in Brothers Four concerts for many years. Pearson’s songs continue to fill his solo albums and performances as well as the singing and recording he does with Mike McCoy.


Forty years ago Pearson wrote a story entitled “The Beginning of the Rainbow.” A novel written in the mid-80’s, “My Brother’s Keeper,” remains a personal though unpublished accomplishment. Most of his stories document his own life’s journey as well as journeys of those he loves. His greatest story telling success to date is sharing his life’s journey in 49 virtual campfires in “One of Those Times in a Life.”  

These days his songwriting and storytelling merge seamlessly as he creates and shares “Songs and Stories from Home.” 

Pearson and McCoy Between Old Friends

Pearson with McCoy

Pearson and Mike McCoy have been singing together since 1965. After meeting on the football field at the University of Washington they have literally and figuratively shared the many stages of each other's lives. Their album of original songs, "Between Friends," first released in the early 80's has been re-mastered and released on CD with bonus tracks in 2006. An album of new music released in 2010, "Between Old Friends," describes in part where the journey has taken them after all these years. Their collaboration is a unique combination of professional and personal, the music illuminating the friendship, the friendship illuminating the music. The spirit is alive in the music. The musicianship is easy to measure. The friendship is easy to appreciate. It is lifelong and includes McCoy joining Pearson as a member of The Brothers Four in 2004. 
The chorus of a song they introduced in 2015 at a concert celebrating 50 years of friendship speaks to their unique connection: Our best day may be tomorrow, our best song yet to be sung, our best story yet unwritten, finest moment still to come, best adventure out there waiting, best discovery still unfound, greatest time we’ve had together? Who knows it might be now. 

Pearson and Ted Brancato

Pearson has had a chance to work with many great musicians through the years. His more than forty-year collaboration with Ted Brancato remains special. Ted’s keyboard playing has added to numerous projects beginning with the “Between Friends” album. These days Ted is producer, arranger, and co-writer on recording projects and many live performances. 

Ted at the Keyboard
The Brothers Four Singing

The Brothers Four

Mark Pearson got his professional start with The Brothers Four in December of 1968. The group has been a near constant in his lifelong career, and he remains deeply committed to it and the music it represents. The achievements of the group are well documented. These include their #1 song, "Green Fields," their Academy Award nominated song, "The Green Leaves of Summer," 5 White House performances, and 60 years of bringing the American Folk Songbook to the world. With the addition of Mike McCoy in 2004 and Karl Olsen in 2008, The Brothers Four continue to perform with the joyful spirit that was there when the group began. Whether singing "Where Have All the Flowers Gone" at the DMZ between South and North Korea, being one of the first American folk groups to perform in Mainland China, or making their 50th trip to Japan, The Brothers Four continue to represent a spirit of America and American music.