Songs with Stories


  • Mountain Prayer

    As the song's opening line states, "Sometimes I just have to find a mountain..." There is something life affirming about breathing in the natural world. A chance to pause and refresh.  

  • Bridge Over Troubled Water

    The Brothers Four were in San Francisco recording when I first heard this song on the car radio. I had to pull over. For me it continues to be "that song." Both inspirational and aspirational.

  • Old Man + Just Because

    It has been my good fortune to have made music with some special people. Ted Brancato is one of them. In many ways he and his family like a second family to me. My friend, Gary Drager, and I wrote the song "Old Man" nearly 50 years ago.

  • Winners and Losers

    In the early 70's I was working with Bob Dylan's brother, David Zimmerman. He challenged me to write a song that mirrored my beliefs, that let people know who I was.

  • Some Dreams

    Songwriting has always been an important part of my career. I figured the best way to sustain a career was as a songwriter. This song was one of the first where I felt I was beginning to understand the craft. I introduced it in Nashville in 1975.

  • Mountain Prayer

    In 2002 Pat and I moved out to the Olympic Peninsula. Soon after our neighbor, Bob Bradley, invited me to join him on hikes into the Olympic Mountains.

  • Up On That Mountain

    Mt. Rainier, also known as Mt. Tahoma, has held a special fascination for me since coming to the University of Washington as a student in 1965.

  • At Home with a Lifetime of Stories and Songs

    This week's Song with Story.