Some Dreams

Songwriting has always been an important part of my career. I figured the best way to sustain a career was as a songwriter. This song was one of the first where I felt I was beginning to understand the craft. I introduced it in Nashville in 1975. The aunt of a friend of mine had been part of the Nashville music scene for years. She hosted a dinner for me and invited legendary songwriters, Boudleaux and Felice Bryant. After dinner I sang this song. Boudleaux nodded his head before saying, "You have it. All you need is some luck." Then he asked if he could borrow my guitar. "This is a song Felice and I wrote a few years ago," he said. Then he started playing those familiar opening chords to that Everly Brothers' classic, "All I Have to Do Is Dream." The next day I was offered a staff writing position with one of the big Nashville publishing companies, Tree International.

Lots of Dreams. Lots of memories.