1968 - Part 5

(Episode 24)
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By the end of the Summer of 1968 my dreams of becoming a doctor had been replaced by thoughts of pursuing a music career or continuing to do social work in New York City. After talking with my dad I decided to return to the University of Washington for my senior year. I had no idea at the time that I before the year was out I would be dropping out of college to become a member of The Brothers Four. (I entered UW as a member of Class of 1969. I would return years later and get my degree as a member of the Class of 2019. On my YouTube channel you can watch the Graduation Ceremony I created. This Podcast ends at the Homecoming Concert in 1968 with me standing next to Simon and Garfunkel's manager, Mort Lewis. He was also the manager for The Brothers Four. Little did I know that a few month later I would in his office with the two of us laughing about how we first "met." 

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