Faith, Hope, Love and Family

In the Summer of 2022 I went back to my high school auditorium and sang for my classmates as I did for the first time sixty years earlier. I explained to them that you could sum up my high school experience in four words: "God, Music, Girls, and Football." Then I went on to explain that it's still four similar words except now they are "Faith, Hope, Love, and Family." Then I sang them a song using that as it's title. You can download it here.

Audio file

Looking back to the time I went to the University of Washington on a football scholarship the transition from "God, Music, Girls, and Football" to "Faith, Hope, Love and Family" began in earnest in the Fall of 1968.

Here is a link to the Podcast 1968 Episode 5

A link to the Song with Story "Last Night I Had the Strangest Dream."

Photo from Fall of 1965
University of Washington 1965
Published 6/9/2024