Class of '65 Concert - Part 6

(Episode 6)
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It was something special to return to my high school. To sing once more for my classmates, to do it in the auditorium where I first performed sixty years earlier; adding new memories to some very special old ones. 
Part of the joy came in writing special songs for specific individuals and introducing them that day. 

In many ways our lives are mosaics or tapestries of experiences, of our memories of them, of who we shared them with, and how we see them now. 

The connections we have with one another may be found in the stories we share and the songs we sing together. For me no better example than our time in the auditorium and in the gathering afterwards.

On my website,, you can find an accompanying blogpost talking about the song, Class of 65.

The album, Class of 65, is available for streaming.

You can also watch the complete CLASS OF 65 concert on my YouTube Channel.