Class of '65 Concert - Part 5

(Episode 5)
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After singing songs for my classmates I began to talk about my experiences in high school. I laughed as I told them that my high school experience might be summed up in four words. God, Music, Girls, and Football. Then I became a little more serious and explained that not that much had changed except the words I would use are Faith, Hope, Love, and Family. Then I sang a song with that as the title. 

Then I began to tell stories and give meaning to each of those words. I talked about how I grew up going to church and Sunday school and Young Life camps before having everything I believed being thrown into doubt in my early 20's. And though faith returned in a different form I could say once again that "faith is strong, hope is high, joy abounds, and love abides."

The came a very special moment in the concert. I welcomed the three other people I had first sung with onto the stage where we first sang together some sixty years earlier. We sang a Tom Paxton song, "Can't Help But Wonder Where I'm Bound." It was something very special to sing one more time in that place with those very special people.

As I talked about "girls' and "love" I explained that until I was in my 30's that the only serious relationships I had were with women in our high school and as it says in the chorus, "On the road to finding out could not see then what I see now. All I needed to be found back in my hometown."

Finally when I talked about "football" and "family" I explained how I'd gone back to the field where we played and remembered those now long ago days. And how were were a band of brothers. Running out on the field as kids. A band of brothers. Come together become this: A Band of Brothers.  

On my website,, you can find an accompanying blogpost, The Castaways, diving deeper into a song about being back on the stage of the high school auditorium singing once more with the three classmates I sang with 60 years earlier.

In that Blogpost you can also listen to a studio recording of the song "Faith, Hope, Love, Family."

The album, Class of 65, is available for streaming.

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