The Castaways

This song is featured on the Podcast Class of 65 Part Five

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The first time I sang for an audience was in the high school auditorium in the fall of 1962. Four of us formed a group. We called ourselves The Castaways. We have remained friends through the years. It meant a lot to get back on that same stage 60 years later and to sing to our classmates one more time.  

We don't have an audio recording of us singing. The audio recording on this Blog Post is called "Faith, Hope, Love, Family." It's a song I wrote to talk about the things that were important in high school and how those things remain important to this day though they have taken on different forms.

I explained to my classmates that in high school it was "God, Music, Girls and Football." Over time they each grew into something that remains central to my life to this day. All the stories and songs that those words help define are shared in the current podcast. 

"Faith, Hope, Love, Family" is available on the album Class of 65.

Friends back on the stage where it started 60 years ago
Back on stage 60 years later

The Castaways back on stage

Published 7/9/2023