Class of '65 Concert - Part 2

(Episode 2)
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In MORE SONGS AND STORIES FROM HOME Mark Pearson shares a belief that we are all in this together, more alike than different, capable of finding common ground in the stories we share and the songs we sing together. 

In this first series of Podcasts, CLASS OF 65, Pearson returns to the high school auditorium where 60 years earlier he performed for the first time. Six decades later a musical reunion filled with songs and stories for and about his classmates, celebrating where it began and the roads traveled from there to now.

In this Episode three of the songs are written for and sung to classmates who were in the auditorium that day. There is the song for Sandy who years earlier was given only a few months to live. Still around. Still vital. A song for Carol who immortalized her love for our classmate, Ron, in her book of poems, "Catapult." Then a song for Kathy and Ken who not only walked the Camino de Santiago multiple times but put their story into a book, "Every Step Together." 

On my website,, you can find an accompanying blogpost talking about a song from the Podcast. This time a song sung before singing songs written for classmates. "As Healthy as Our Stories" talks about how though we may think of ourselves as being as sick as our secrets we can be and often are "as healthy as the stories the ones we tell ourselves, healthy as the stories we tell everybody else." 

The album, Class of 65, is available for streaming.

You can also see the complete CLASS OF 65 concert on my YouTube Channel.