Healthy As Our Stories

This is the story of a song you'll find in the Class of '65 Part 2 from the More Songs and Stories From Home Podcast

As Healthy As Our Stories

A few years ago I was introduced to the idea that "we are as sick as our secrets." Growing up in the shadow of a family secret, on so many levels I agree. Over time I have become more comfortable with sharing that secret and finding ways to make it part of a bigger story. To find ways to define those parts of myself and my story that had too often defined me.

When I was writing songs for my classmates and some of the stories of their lives, I came to believe and understand that not only were we often as sick as our secrets we could be and are often as healthy as our stories. It delighted me to write a song introducing the stories of my classmates with that idea as the chorus.

The song is part of the album CLASS OF 65.   

We all have stories to share
As healthy as our stories

As Healthy As Our Stories

Published 7/8/2023