Back to the Big Room - Part 1

(Episode 15)
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It is special to go back to places that hold precious memories. To return with the people who were there when those memories were made and make some more. In December of 1967 Mike Dwyer, John Buller, Mike McCoy and I recorded some songs at our college fraternity. Fifty-five years later we came back and did it again. This time our families were also a part of it. 

It mattered that we were singing in the place The Brothers Four started singing together. That McCoy and I would become part of that group and travel the world together. What mattered more was remembering how much fun we had singing back then and how much fun it was to sing together again in that place where it all began.

Here's a link to the accompany blog post in which I share more about Morning Ryde and listen to some then-and-now recordings.