May 2018

Gratitude, Grit, & Grace: An Introduction

As we begin to explore, discover, and share Songs and Stories from Home I thought one thing I would do would be to share and talk about the songs from the album Gratitude, Grit, and Grace. This will include a video of each song from the Benaroya concert as well as the audio recording we did a few months earlier in New Jersey. By also talking about the importance of each song to the album and to that evening I hope it will help you enjoy even more Songs and Stories from Home.
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May 2018

Episode 1

As someone who has faith in the power of stories and songs – who believes in the might, magic, and mystery of loving and being loved – and who trusts that together songs sung, stories told, and love shared can lead us home – I’d like to welcome you to “Songs and Stories from Home.”
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