May 2020

Remembering the Dream: An Introduction

Remembering the Dream was inspired by six visits I made to the American South as a part of intergenerational, interracial groups who got on a bus and visited sites, heard stories, and sang songs important to the Civil Rights Movement of the 1950’s and 60’s.
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Mar 2020

Mike Kirkland

In December of 1968 I dropped out of the University of Washington to become a member of The Brothers Four and began chasing my dream of being a singer, a songwriter, and a storyteller.
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Jan 2020

Never Too Late

In the movie A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood, Tom Hanks, as Mr. Rogers, tells us that anything that is Mentionable is Manageable. I want to believe that…I choose to believe that…
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Jan 2020

Dr. Martin Luther King Day Podcast

This week we celebrate Dr. Martin Luther King Jr – his birth – his life – his dream – A dream that while it may be under threat is still alive today and belongs to all Americans.
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Jan 2020

Vashon Island Revisited

This week’s Story or Chronicle is from the 16th Campfire from the 3rd Stage of the journey. It talks about a time beginning in the fall of 1972 when I was living on Vashon Island and dedicating 7 or 8 months to seeing what it was like to try to live the life of a songwriter.
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Dec 2019

The Missing Peace

For this Podcast I’ll be sharing one of the first videos I created with Al Bergstein nearly 10 years ago. The song on the video is The Missing Peace. I wrote it nearly 35 years ago for my stepdaughter, Lindsey, when she was 8 years old.
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Dec 2019

I Believe

In this podcast we will be listening to a Campfire Chronicle from One of Those Times in a Life. Many of the Campfire Chronicles were created around songs I’ve written – this one –the 10th of 49 - used the song “I Believe” – and was first shared 8 years ago.
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Dec 2019

Singing Through the Years

Overall in the course of nearly 60 years of performing, the people I have made music with have been and are more than musical partners they have been and they remain most importantly my friends – often dear and lifelong friends.
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Nov 2019


Welcome to another Podcast of Songs and Stories from home

My friend of nearly 55 years, Mike McCoy, and I recorded the song Thankful ten years ago for an album called Between Old Friends. The last few years I have shared the video and audio recordings of that song around Thanksgiving.
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