The 1968 podcast series documents a journey, for our country and for me personally, toward a doorway out of a past we will never return to toward a future we can scarcely imagine.

When 1968 began, I continued to harbor dreams of moving back to Spokane and becoming a doctor like my dad. As the year was ending, I was rehearsing for my first performance as a member of The Brothers Four. By the end of 1968 the American Dream and many Americans’ dreams would prove to be even more transformed than my own.

As the song 1968 declares: It was a year like other years, the best and worst of times. Twelve months that tried our souls and tried our hearts and minds. That brought us to the future we living to this day. The peril and the promise that was 1968.

Podcast episodes

  • 1968 - Part 1

    (Episode 20)

    Albert Einstein famously said that "Imagination is more important than knowledge. Knowledge is limited.

    The Brothers Four early photo
  • 1968 - Part 2

    (Episode 21)

    In the Summer of 1968 I went back to New York City to do social work. On some level at 21 years old I wanted to do what I could to change the world.

    1968 Part 2 podcast image
  • 1968 - Part 3

    (Episode 22)

    My two monumental experiences of the Summer of 1968 were connected by a flight from Hamilton, Bermuda where I had just spent a week singing for a group of kids from Manhattan's Lower East Side to L

    Mark with a pink shirt, giving his podcast.
  • 1968 - Part 4

    (Episode 23)

    The Summer of 1968 opened up new worlds to me and for me. My three college friends and I represented the University of Washington in a national talent show.

    1968 Part 4 podcast image
  • 1968 - Part 5

    (Episode 24)

    By the end of the Summer of 1968 my dreams of becoming a doctor had been replaced by thoughts of pursuing a music career or continuing to do social work in New York City.

    1968 Part 6 podcast image
  • 1968 - Part 6

    (Episode 25)

    My wife and I moved out to the Olympic Peninsula in 2002. Not long after we arrived we met Flora May and Bob Bradley. That next summer Bob introduced me to the Olympic Mountains.

    1968 Part 6 podcast image


  • Nineteen Sixty-Eight

    1968 was a year of upheaval for the country. Young leaders shot and killed. Cities burned. A year that ended with three astronauts circling the moon and wishing our world peace on earth.

  • Abraham, Martin, and John

    Thanks to my dad's interest in politics I had a chance to meet John Kennedy when he was running for President. A few months later I was mesmerized by JFK's inaugural address.

  • When Johnny Comes Marchin' Home

    I first learned and sang "When Johnny Comes Marching Home" when I was in high school. Bud and Travis as well as the Chad Mitchell Trio sang versions of this song. I was moved by both of them.

  • "A Graduation"

    In many ways I believe those who want to "make America great again" want to return to a time before all the changes that have come in Civil Rights, Women's Rights, Gay Rights.

  • Last Night I had the Strangest Dream

    In 1968 the Vietnam War had divided the country and I took part in a number of peaceful protests.

  • Try To Remember

    As I finish the 1968 Podcast Series I am feeling a lot of gratitude and doing a lot of remembering.