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I'll be using this blog over the next few years to go in depth with stories of songs shared in my new podcast, More Songs and Stories From Home, and share thoughts on a lifetime of songs and stories.

Recent Posts

  • Trunk Up in the Attic

    This is a song about opening up and talking about things that are too often locked away.
    Singing again in my high school auditorium
  • Healthy As Our Stories

    Though we may consider ourselves as "sick as our secrets" I believe we can also be a healthy as the stories we tell ourselves and each other.
    Gathering again 60 years since the first time
  • Heartwood

    When I think of my life as going "out in circles like the growth rings on a tree," my high school classmates are part of the center of that circle, part of the Heartwood.
    Singing for the Class of 65