Prayers, Stories, and Songs

Our extended family is not a traditional one. My wife Pat's first marriage was to one of my good friends. The three of us along with John's current wife are all good friends.

These days we celebrate holidays and significant events together. Not long ago Pat was visiting with John when the phone rang. John explained that at that moment was hanging out with "one of his two wives."

As this song explains, John was the first guy I sang with when I got to college. These days a lot of the singing we do together is with and for the grandkids.

It was an emotional moment to sing this song to John and his wife for the first time on one of their visits to Pat’s and my home. A few weeks later we all went Back to the Big Room to add even more memories on top of some precious old ones.

Prayers, Stories and Songs

Having fun in the Big Room 1967

Audio file
Take this song home with you: DOWNLOAD In The Jungle 1.mp3

This downloadable audio is the four of us having fun with songs back in 1967. A joy that's continued to this day.

Here is a link to the Podcast that shares the affection we all have for John Buller. 

Here's a link to a Song with Story of the family having fun singing in 2022.

Published 2/6/2024