Leading Me To You

Over time I have come to believe in the importance of and the power in stepping out of the routine of our life.  To remember people who have been and remain important in our lives. Take time to be grateful. To grieve. To celebrate. To remember and honor those moments of transition. To do it with music and spoken work and rituals like lighting candles or placing roses. That's what Pat and I did on May 28th and May 29th in 2022 as we celebrated my parents' lives and the roles they continue to play. 

Once we've done that I believe it's important to take a moment and get ready to return to our lives. For me taking those particular moments creates a doorway or a pathway between those ritualistic moments and our "normal" life. 

For Pat and me taking such a moment meant sitting on a bench and sharing the song, "Leading Me To You."

You are welcome to take that song home. You'll find a link below.

Also here is a link to the final episode of the One Love and Two Lives Series from the More Songs and Stories From Home Podcast.  

Leading Me To You.mp3

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Published 11/16/2023