When All We Can Do Is Be...Ourselves...

Prior to the Summer of 1968 a lot of life for me was doing things. That summer was my first great lesson in life of showing up and being there for "it", whatever that might turn out to be. While I did things that summer - helped create a storefront gathering place for kids, coached some football, added music to different gatherings - it was being there and making connections that mattered most. Hanging out. Being available. Actively listening. Paying attention. 

It's natural to ask those questions about what we are going to do today or with our lives. It's equally important to ask who are we going to be today, how can we be the best human being. My experience on the Lower East Side of New York City in the Summer of 1968 was my first chance to ask and to live out such questions.   

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Published 4/12/2024