Would You Like to Know a Secret?

Morning Ryde playing again in the "Big Room"

Would You Like to Know a Secret?

These Blogposts, these Podcast Episodes, about going back to the Big Room with the guys I sang with in college are being created more than a year after we went back and sang together once again where we sang for the first time. We made our one recording in the Big Room in December of 1967, 55 years before our return.

As I write this I have a chance to reflect on what it felt like all those years ago – what it felt like 55 years later – and what it feels like now – to listen again to the recordings from more than half a century ago and to watch the video from one of the last days of 2022.

Years ago I wrote a song called “Tears and a Smile Make a Rainbow,” and that’s how I might describe how I’m feeling now. Like looking at or listening to a rainbow. As my youngest grandson, Mac, might say, “Is that even possible?” In this case I would tell him that in a way it is.

As I look and listen I’m hearing and seeing something with a Ring of Truth to it. Being processed by eyes and ears and minds and hearts and memories and imagination. And it makes me smile. And it puts a tear in eye. And as I listen I can close my eyes and there is that Rainbow.

Lots of love and gratitude for a chance to have done it all those years ago and to do it again all these years later where it all began.  

Would You Like to Know a Secret 1967

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Would You Like to Know a Secret 2022

You can hear more these guys singing by listening or watching Back to the Big Room Part Two Podcast Episode 

Published 2/6/2024