Four Young Boys Now Four Old Men

The 4 young members of Morning Ryde as pictured in 1967

The four of us who sang in college, John Buller, Mike Dwyer, Mike McCoy and I, have remained lifelong friends. Between Christmas and New Years in 2022 we decided we would go back to the Phi Gamma House just off the University of Washington campus where we met and made our one recording in December of 1967.

Little did we know when we made that recording that a few months later we would be chosen to represent the University of Washington on a national TV show. That we would make to the semi-finals where we would meet Karen and Richard Carpenter who were introduced to the world on that show.

Then a year later in December of 1968 I was invited to join The Brothers Four, an internationally famous folk group that formed at that fraternity ten years earlier.

So began a lifetime of singing songs and telling stories.

The audio recording is from 1967. The video from 2022. The joy of singing together a constant through the years.

Listen to the Back to the Big Room - Part 1 podcast episode for more of the story.

Sounds of Silence - Recorded in 1967

Audio file
Take this song home with you: DOWNLOAD Sounds of Silence 1967

Video from 2022

Published 1/26/2024