Back to The Big Room

The Back to the Big Room podcast series celebrates the idea that we can go back to places in our past with people who were there at the time and put new memories on top of precious old ones.

For me singing in college was mostly for the joy of it though the group I was part of did get chosen to represent the University of Washington in a nationally televised talent show. We made it to the semi-finals before losing to Karen and Richard Carpenter who introduced themselves to the world on that program.

In 2022 my college singing partners and I decided to go back to where we met, became lifelong friends, and first sang together. This time family was there to share in the experience. Among things that made our musical reunion special was to sing again with the guys I sang with when it was simply for the joy of singing.

Podcast episodes

  • Back to the Big Room - Part 1

    (Episode 15)

    It is special to go back to places that hold precious memories. To return with the people who were there when those memories were made and make some more.

    Back to the Big Room podcast image: Mark Pearson, John Buller, Mike Dwyer, Mike McCoy seating in a living room playing and singing
  • Back to the Big Room - Part 2

    (Episode 16)

    As I get closer to the end of my career, I appreciate even more where and how it all began.

    Back to the Big Room Part 2 podcast image
  • Back to the Big Room - Part 3

    (Episode 17)

    A lot of times it's hard for me to know how to tell someone how much I care for them. It's easier sometimes to sit down with a pen and paper and put those thoughts into a letter.

    Back to the Big Room Part 3 podcast image: Mark Pearson, Lindsey Buller Maliekel, John Buller

Blog posts

  • Four Young Boys Now Four Old Men

    The four of us who sang in college have remained lifelong friends. Between Christmas and New Years in 2022 we decided we would go back to the Phi Gamma House just off the University of Washington campus where we met and made our one recording in December of 1967.
    Mark and friends playing and singing together
  • Would You Like to Know a Secret?

    The Mourning Ryde returns 55 years later to where it all began
    The Mourning Rydes reunites in the Big Room
  • Prayers, Stories, and Songs

    Music has been a big part of extended family life.
    Singing a family