The 34th Campfire is lit

Dear Friends,

 Continuing to learn on this amazing journey. My main goal these days is to write new songs for the upcoming Sixth Stage of One of Those Times in a Life. I am reminded again how challenging and rewarding songwriting is.

If you haven’t had a chance to watch the Campfire Songs/Videos I would urge you to watch the latest one from the 34th Campfire, Mike McCoy, In His Own Words. McCoy shares intimate performances of songs from the Between Old Friends album as well as some heartfelt moments in his life.

On a different note, in October I was part of a Civil Rights Pilgrimage. My wife, Pat, and I shared an interracial, intergenerational experience with 40 others traveling to places important to the Civil Rights Movement of 50’s and 60’s. It was life changing and life affirming. I was honored and delighted to create a songbook and help lead songs on the trip. I will be sharing more about that amazing experience in the coming months.

All the best in the coming Holiday Season,


My Friend, Mike McCoy

 Mike McCoy and I have sung together and been friends for 49 years. We have recorded a couple of albums together, Between Friends in 1981 and Between Old Friends in 2009. Ten years ago McCoy joined me in The Brothers Four and since then we’ve recorded and traveled together as members of that group.

One of the things that makes our relationship so rich is a sense that our best day together could be today, the best song the one we’re about to sing, the best performance the one we’re about to share.

For the last nineteen years we have met the Monday after Thanksgiving to look back at the year that was, look forward to the year to come, and most importantly to remember and honor a moment when McCoy faced one of the darkest times of his life. The 34th Campfire talks about that time. The Campfire Song is entitled In His Own Words. I don’t think I’ve ever been prouder of McCoy as he shared his journey in a most public way, with cameras rolling.

There are a number of images of McCoy and me in the Muse Letter’s Media Gallery. There are three songs in the Music Gallery. My Witness and Singing Our Way are from the Between Old Friends album. Magic Carpet features McCoy and is from the Between Friends 25th Anniversary CD.

We are continuing to publish the audio Campfire Chronicles on the YouTube Channel. The 9th Chronicle talks about the first recording I did as a member of The Brothers Four.

Support the Journey

We know that you have a lot of places to put your time and money. Lots of time and care has gone into creating One of Those Times in a Life to make it worth your time.

Our hope continues to be to finance the creation of One of Those Times in a Life by the sale of the Soundtrack of a Journey. We continue to offer a free download of the song One of Those Times in a Life as well as a digital version of the lyrics to the songs found on the Soundtrack. Send me an e-mail or use my contact form if you would like a free map of the journey.