December 2020 Muse Letter


As a kid I was fascinated by the idea that if we lose one of our senses, for instance sight, that our other senses become more acute. There is something similar to that going on during this time of “apartness.” I have become more aware of all the different ways we are connected and the importance of those connections. I am much more conscious of how durable and fragile those ties that bind us are. There is also a new awareness, especially at this time of year, of how interconnected the darkness is to the light. In the darkness a deeper sense of gratitude. 

The photo is thanks to Elston Hill.

The song is part of the “Following the Light” album that was recorded at Ted Brancato’s Mahogany Studio.

Dark Night with Lightening
Photo by Elston Hill

  1. Only in the Darkness


For the first time in 30 years my wife, Pat, and I were the only ones at the Thanksgiving dinner table. As much as we prepared in our heads for such a solitary celebration, our hearts were reminded how important family and friends and how thankful we are for them this time of year and always. For now it’s mostly Facetimes and phone calls as a way of staying in touch without the human touch. 

  1. Thankful


As we continue to deal with the Coronavirus and its impact, the numbers are staggering in a way to be almost incomprehensible. I grew up in a town of about 300,000 people. The country has lost almost that many people in this pandemic. Each with their own special story. 

While the pandemic did not take them, I continue to process some personal losses. While the loss of my mother, of Michael Kirkland, and Paul Meyer each leaves a hole, there is an overwhelming feeling of being grateful for all they brought and continue to bring to my life. Gone, but never forgotten.

The photos of Michael and Paul are thanks to Elston Hill. 


For the first time in twenty-five years Mike McCoy and did not get together for dinner in person the Monday after Thanksgiving. Instead we got together via Facetime. As usual we talked about the year that was and wondered about the one that awaits. We celebrated the fact that the Monday after Thanksgiving a quarter century ago McCoy came out of the darkness and into the light of love. We celebrated the fact that he continues to embrace that love every day.   

The current Songs and Stories from Home Podcasts are a series of letters I am writing to McCoy, celebrating the last twenty-five years as well as our more than 55-year friendship and musical partnership. It’s important (and fun) to explore meaningful relationships among men. Here is a link to the latest of Podcast if you’d like to join in.

The photo of The Brothers Four was taken when we were in Tokyo last year.


Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays from my computer screen to yours. Hope this season of darkness and lights is a healthy one. 

If you have a questions or just want to reach out, look forward to hearing from you.