For Family & Friends


For more than 50 years I’ve written songs, letters and stories to and for and about family and friends. This room is a gathering place for many of those songs and stories and letters as well.

Songs with Stories

  • Everyone Is Welcome

    There are a few stories that go with this photo and song. The man in the middle is Dr. Les Salmon. He is the father of Chuck Salmon, a dear and lifelong friend of mine. Pat and I spent lots of evenings singing with the extended family.

  • Never Too Late

    This song could just as easily be in the Personal Journey Room. I have chosen to put it here because it's a song about a lot more than a personal journey. It is a song about the healing that is possible from childhood hurts or even trauma.

  • One Less Believer

    My close friend Pat Sands died unexpectedly in 1983. He was 35. It took nearly a year before I had a song that I felt captured some of what was lost.

  • On The Shoulders of Giants

    This video could be in several different rooms. It is from my graduation from college so it could be in the Personal Journey Room. It could also fit in The Brothers Four room.