Journey Home

Pat and I returned to Spokane on May 28th and 29th in 2022 to honor my parents. That May 28th it was 25 years since my dad died. The next day it was a hundred years since my mother was born. We were in Spokane those days to honor who they had been as well as honoring what they had become, Part of a Bigger Story, Part of a Timeless Song. We visited various gardens in Spokane that helped represent the transition to the other side of life. We eventually made our way to the Spokane River. 

Here in the Northwest salmon both in fact and in spirit are a big part of the regions history and story. Few things can match the wonder of watching the salmon as they return from whence they came. Their Journey Home.

In this Blog Post there is a video of the song Journey Home as well as an audio recording that you are welcome to "take home." 

Also here is a link to the Podcast about our time visiting various gardens where we sang songs and told stories.  

Journey Home

Journey Home

  1. A song of courage

You are invited to take this song home with you. Download here.

Published 10/26/2023