The 35th Campfire has been lit

Dear Friends,

 The 35th campfire for One of Those Times in a Life is now lit.  The first campfire was lit over three years ago. If the schedule holds and we light a new campfire every five weeks or so we will be lighting the 49th and final campfire sometime in the summer of 2016.

The YouTube Channel averages about 900 views a day and has just welcomed our 500,000th viewer.

For those who have been supportive from the beginning, thank you. To those who stop by occasionally or are thinking of stopping by for the first time thanks to you as well. Stop by if you have any questions or want to start a conversation.

Again, thank you and look forward to spending time together around the virtual campfire.


The Spring of 1997, A Season of the Heart

  Although I did not know it at the time, the spring of 1997 was both an end and a beginning. The season started with two concerts celebrating my 50th birthday. The first concert in Seattle consisted of every group I ever sang with beginning in high school. At the second, a homecoming concert in Spokane a week later, I was both the opening act and as a member of The Brothers Four one of the headliners at the sold out Met.

The next day I celebrated Easter with my parents’ at their church. It was the last time I would see my father healthy. Nine weeks later at that same church we celebrated my father’s amazing life. Unbeknownst to anyone my dad’s friend and minister would choose that occasion to read from my father’s writings about his stay in a mental institution at the time that I was born. Those words would prove to be my father’s final gift to me.

The concerts and the time leading up to them are described in the 35th campfire. It is the last campfire of the 5th stage. The campfire song, One Love and Two Lives, was written for my parents and sung for the first time at those musical events. The audio of that song is included in the Music Gallery of this Muse Letter.

It would take the next ten years for me to truly understand the significance of my father’s last gift to me. That journey will be shared in the seven coming campfires of the Sixth Stage. 

Besides One Love and Two Lives this Muse Letter’s Music Gallery includes a recording of Real Life Field of Dreams. It is a song that wonders what it would be like if I could spend just one more hour with my dad.

The pictures in the Media Gallery are of my parents and my two brothers and me at different times in our lives. Hope you enjoy them.

Support the Journey

We know that you have a lot of places to put your time and money. Lots of time and care has gone into creating One of Those Times in a Life to make it worth your time.

Our hope continues to be to finance the creation of One of Those Times in a Life by the sale of the Soundtrack of a Journey.

We continue to offer a free download of the song One of Those Times in a Life as well as a digital version of the lyrics to the songs found on the Soundtrack. Send me an e-mail or use my contact form if you would like a free map of the journey.