One of Those Times in a Life: Four Careers

Dear Friends,

The journey that is One of Those Times in a Life is more than half completed. Beginning with the 27th Campfire the plan is to light a new campfire the first Monday of every month. The Museletter will come out a few days earlier to let you know about the upcoming Campfire.

The Campfire Song that is part of the 27th Campfire is called Part of the River and is a song that I wrote for McCoy’s dad who died in early 1986. McCoy and I continue to sing the song.

The Campfire Chronicle is called Some Brothers and a Mother and talks about working on a novel (called My Brothers Keeper), returning fulltime to The Brothers Four in 1985, about my older brother, Mike, about the continuing adventure with McCoy my “brother of a different mother,” and also about my mother and the classic guitar recording I dedicated to her.

Thank you for being part of this amazing adventure,



Support the Journey

I know that you have a lot of places to put your time and money. Lots of time and care has gone into creating One of Those Times in a Life to make it worth your time.

My hope continues to be to help finance the creation of One of Those Times in a Life by the sale of the Soundtrack of a Journey. We continue to offer a free download of the song One of Those Times in a Life as well as a digital version of the lyrics to the all the songs found on the Soundtrack. Send me an e-mail or use my contact form if you would like me to send you a free map of the journey.

Thank you for your time and support.