October 2019 Muse Letter


In the current Podcasts we are sharing video clips from a May 13, 2017 concert at Benaroya Hall in downtown Seattle. That evening was the culmination of a seven year “journey” around a life and career titled “One of Those Times in a Life.” Stories and songs were shared around 49 virtual campfires at MarkPearsonMusic.com. The 49th Campfire was “lit” the night of the Benaroya Concert. That evening we introduced 15 songs from a new album, “Gratitude, Grit, and Grace.” Besides sharing Podcasts of videos from the concert we are sharing studio recordings of the songs in Blogposts. The Blogposts also contain personal thoughts about the songs and photos taken by Elston Hill. 



In September The Brothers Four did a series of concerts with The Kingston Trio and The Limeliters. While there have been some recent personnel changes in those two groups, the audiences were large and enthusiastic. For those of us who grew up listening to those songs there is something in the music that awakens memories and for a few hours lets us feel young again.  

There are more concerts booked for next year. Here is a link to the complete The Brothers Four tour schedule


After a show we did in Morristown, PA we stopped by the Martin Guitar Factory in Nazareth, PA. Martin guitars were played by most of the popular folk groups in the late 50’s and early 60’s. Their guitars were prominently featured on the album covers of groups like The Kingston Trio and The Brothers Four. The Brothers Four continue to play Martin guitars exclusively. This was my first trip to the factory. I left feeling more respect for those who create those incredible instruments.
The trip was made more special because in the last few years my lifelong friend and singing partner, Mike McCoy, has started building guitars. It was delightful to tour the factory with him. Here is a link to McCoy’s website.


I continue to work on a project called “Remembering the Dream.” My hope is to have it ready by the end of this year. It is a musical, personal, and historical visit to the Civil Rights Movement of the 50’s and 60’s. The music and the stories of those times continues to be an inspiration. My hope is that by continuing to shine a light on those times that we can better see a way forward as we continue to deal with our country’s “original sin.”   


It means a lot that you would take the time to listen to the songs and the stories that I am sharing. I continue to search for ways to make this journey financially self-sustaining. One way I am trying is to ask folks to become PATRONS through PATREON. With a contribution of any amount you are entitled to your choice of any CD I’ve recorded as a solo artist or with McCoy. If you are willing to give $10 per month for a year you will receive a video of the May 2017 CONCERT AT BENAROYA HALL or a video of the GRADUATION CELEBRATION as well as two CD’s of your choice.

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