March 2020 Muse Letter


We now have a video of Remembering the Dream. The plan is to begin sharing it next month. The process of creating the video was, well, amazing. Beginning the middle of February we shared dinner and the Dream with a small group at some friends’ home. Then we shared the Dream at Trinity Lutheran Church on Whidbey Island. That is where Karl Olsen, my singing partner in The Brothers Four, is the musical director. That place and the people in it continue to play a significant role in my life and career. For more than 15 years it has been a place where I have gone to introduce new songs or a new work. A few days later we were at the Key City Theater in Port Townsend where we created the video. Looking forward to sharing more details in future Muse Letters.



In February The Brothers Four did some concerts in Florida with the Limeliters. We also performed in Wisconsin. It continues to be a joy and an honor to represent that music. In a way we are keepers of peoples’ memories, memories that awaken as they listen to and sing along to those songs. As well as being musical partners, the four of us are good friends and a unique musical family. Feeling a lot of gratitude these days to be able to continue this amazing musical journey.


Mike McCoy and I met 55 years ago. We both came to the University of Washington on football scholarships. We ended up at the same fraternity. We have been friends and have been singing together ever since. That includes traveling the world as two of The Brothers Four. During some challenging times in the fall of 1995, our friendship gained a new depth and strength. This year we’ll be remembering that time with new songs. We are looking forward to sharing the creative process in the months to come.     


As many of you know Ted Brancato has been an important member of both my musical family and my family of choice. We met nearly 40 years ago when we recorded the Between Friends album. We recognized something in each other and have shared a special bond ever since. Ted will be playing an important role in the recording that McCoy and I will be doing this year.


Lately I’ve been spending time thinking about what makes America “great” – and what has kept us “great.” In part I believe it is the values and ideals I grew up believing in. These include honesty – integrity – decency – kindness. I also grew up believing we were all in this together, that we should try to leave the world better than we found it, and that we should treat others as we would want to be treated. While we often had and have trouble living up to those ideals, I believe we trusted and had faith in them. These days the President proclaims at a National Prayer Breakfast he does not believe in the teachings of Jesus. When he finishes speaking a number of religious leaders cheer. Those are not the actions or the attitudes of the country I grew up in.