Lighting the 33rd Campfire

Dear Friends,

 When I decided to take a lifetime of stories and try to tell the story of a lifetime on the Internet I thought it might take a year or perhaps a year and a half. I divided the journey into seven stages with each stage containing seven (virtual) campfires. As I got ready I thought I could take the threads of a life and spin them into yarns at the rate of one a week. Then as I began untying the knots in those threads and untangling the tangles it became clear that it was going to take a lot longer. When we put dates on the Map of the Journey there was a finishing date of 2014. The plan (hope) now is to light one campfire every five weeks to complete this trek in the spring of 2016. In other words what I thought might take a year will be taking five years.

 For those who have hung in there from the beginning, thank you. For those who might be happening upon this journey for the first time, welcome. The campfires are all available at the website. The campfire songs are all available on the YouTube Channel. The Campfire Chronicles are being added to that channel on the regular basis.

 There were times when I thought I wouldn’t complete this project, this pilgrimage. It is wonderful to know in my marrow that (if the good Lord’s willing the creek won’t rise) that this adventure will be completed. Thank for sharing the journey.

See you at the campfire,



Japan Revisited 2014

The Brothers Four have been performing regularly in Japan since 1962. I made my first trip with the guys in 1969. My lifetime friend and ten year Brothers Four member, Mike McCoy, has been to Asia a dozen times with the group including nine Japan trips. We have flown over for as little as a single television appearance. There have been tours that have lasted for more than six weeks.

Our last visit in May and June was a five week twenty concert tour. While I have visited some places many times this was my first time to visit Nagasaki and the first time to see the famous Tancho cranes. The cranes are icons in that country. One of the legends is that if you fold 1000 Origami cranes that you will be granted a wish. I have seen many displays of 1000 cranes at sites in the Hiroshima Peace Park. The same is true in Nagasaki.

On this last tour we made a day trip out to the coast when we were in Fukushima. While the clean up from the March 11th earthquake of 2011 is well on its way all the empty lots where houses once stood are a stark reminder of that terrible day.

A number of images of the most recent trip are included in the Muse Letter’s Media Gallery. The songs in the Media Gallery were recorded a number of years ago for an album recorded exclusively for Japan. The first features the voice of Bob Flick and the second the voice of founding member Dick Foley.

We have begun publishing the audio Campfire Chronicles on the YouTube Channel.
In the 11th Campfire I talk about my first trip to Japan.



Upcoming Events

The Brothers Four

Edmonds Center for the Arts
(Performing with the Sno-King Community Chorale)
October 3rd @ 7:30 PM
Ticket information: 425-275-9595

McIntyre Hall, Mt. Vernon, WA
(Performing with the Sno-King Community Chorale)
October 4th @ 7 PM
Box Office: 360-416-7727 Ext 2

The Kirkland Performing Arts Center
November 14th @ 7:30 PM and 15th @ 8 PM
Box Office: 425-893-9900

The Elsinore Theatre, Salem Oregon
November 18th
Box Office: 503-375-3574



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