Trunk Up in the Attic

This Blog Post talks about a song that is part of the Podcast Class of 65 Part Three

Trunk Up in the Attic

  1. A healing moment

This is a song written for my friend and classmate, Clarice Wilsey. Our fathers were friends and doctors raising their families in Spokane. They both returned from World War II traumatized in ways they could not and would not talk about. In both cases the family paid a price for the silence. 

Not long ago Clarice wrote a heartfelt and healing book, Letters from Dachau, about the letters her dad wrote to her mother about his experiences of being a doctor at the Dachau death camp at the end of World War II. Letters that had been locked away in a trunk in the attic until after Clarice's parents had died.  

The studio recording of the song is part of the album Class of 65

Returning to our high school 60 years after we first gathered as a class
Sharing the story of the Trunk up in the Attic

Trunk up in the Attic

Published 7/8/2023