Offering and Receiving Grace

This Blogpost talks about a song that is part of the Podcast Class of 65 Part Four.

Offering and Receiving Grace

One of the most important things I've learned is the significance of offering and receiving grace. To offer grace to others. To ourselves. To gracefully accept grace. As I was writing songs for my classmates I was offered an example of the power and importance of grace.

I received a Facebook friend request from a classmate I had lost track of and had long felt a need to apologize to. Bev intimidated the boys in the class because she loved to run as hard and as far and as long as she could. Girls were not "supposed" to do that in the early 60's. So we teased her. 

Because we got back in contact I was able to offer her a long overdue apology that she gracefully accepted. I was able to share the story and this song with our classmates a few months later.

You can also find this video and more on the More Stories From Home Podcast. The audio recording is part of the Class of 65 album.

The stories of our lives...
Never too late to offer or receive grace.

Offering and receiving grace

Published 7/8/2023