This is the story of a song you'll find in the Class of '65 Part 1 from the More Songs and Stories From Home Podcast


In early 2022 I read somewhere that "we can't choose our sunsets." As I pondered that truth it "dawned" on me that I might have some say when it came to "professional sunsets." I am choosing to believe continue to share songs and stories in ways and at a level I would be proud of until I am 80. Depending on whether I define "am 80" as turning 80 or 81 I figure I have a few "good" years.

This newly designed website will eventually become home to a lifetime of stories and songs both curated and newly created.

Throughout 2022 amazing things happened as I began to think in terms of the end of things. A number of opportunities came to appreciate the beginning of things. One of the most significant of these "sunrise moments" was returning to my high school auditorium where I'd sung for the first time 60 years earlier and singing songs for my classmates, many written for or about them. Those songs and that concert are the subject of the first of the MORE SONGS AND STORIES FROM HOME Podcasts.

The audio recording is part of the album CLASS OF 65 now available for streaming.

Heartwood, that's what you are to me
Heartwood, strongest part of any tree

"Heartwood" from the Class of '65 Concert.

Published 6/25/2023