Songs with Stories


  • Let Love Go Forward

    I wrote this song as the closing song for Pat's and my wedding. It has gone on to be sung many times in different settings. It has ended concerts. Been part of songs circles. Become the benediction for a church.  

  • You Are The One

    There are a couple of stories that go with this song. I remember waking up one morning and looking over at Pat and saying, "Love is the question. Love is the answer.

  • There You Were

    For so long I believed I was somehow broken and therefore somehow unloveable for who I truly was. My life's regret is the hurt I caused somehow "proving" to those I loved - who loved me - that I was not lovable. 

  • Find to Love in Me

    The hardest thing I've ever done is to learn to love myself, to have faith in who I was and what I was doing. Pat has been an amazing companion on what at times felt like an endless journey. There through all the doubts and all the fears.

  • This My Wish For You

    This is one of the songs I wrote for Pat for our anniversary. For me there are only a few things we need when our basic human needs have been met. This song is both a wish and a thank you.

  • A Loving Man Because of You

    The hardest thing I've ever done is learn to love myself. The only thing that came close to it was truly letting someone know and love me. Even the broken places. Especially the broken places.