Campfire 1

Welcome to the first of 49 weekly episodes to be posted on my website,, as a way of sharing my life and career in songs and stories. Each episode will offer a different song video that can be looked at individually or seen as part of a larger yearlong concert while every new weekly audio essay can be enjoyed independently or heard together as part of a chronological journey through a lifetime of music.

It is my hope that these songs and stories will give light and life to yours and other’s imaginations and memories and become part of a larger conversation on the Mark Pearson Music Facebook Page and YouTube Channel.

You can sign up to receive the videos and audios as free Podcasts as well as a regular muse letter I am calling Musings, Music, and More that will keep you informed about upcoming events, special deals, news, and other things I hope may enhance our journey together.

As a way of providing a musical overview (and to help pay for all this) I am offering The Virtual Essentials, a 23-song collection including a digital booklet of lyrics and anecdotes available only on the Website for $12. Chosen from decades of recordings and performances, this Soundtrack of a Life consists of songs that remain most significant.

Thank you for taking the time to read and watch and listen. I look forward to sharing One of Those Times in a Life with you.

Songs from the Campfire

One of Those Times in a Life

Campfire Chronicles

One of Those Times in A Life

In This Room

One of Those Times in a Life Podcast

Join me on a journey of discovery through songs & stories around the virtual campfire.

Songs from the Campfire Video Podcast

Songs & Stories Podcast ~

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Campfire Chronicles Audio Podcast

Campfire Chronicles Audio Podcast ~ MarkPearsonMusic

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