The Journey Continues

Dear Friends,

 The journey continues. When we light the next campfire, the 29th, we will begin the Fifth Stage. The seven campfires in that stage will be covering the years 1987-1997. The 29th campfire entitled “What a Wonderful World” talks about possible reasons The Brothers Four have had the kind of success we have had in Japan. In May we will return for nearly five weeks and have twenty performances around that country.
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Brothers Four events:

March 14th-Lancaster, PA
In concert with The Kingston Trio and Tom Paxton
American Music Theater

April 12th-Bremerton, WA
The Admiral Theater

May 13th-June 15th-Tour of Japan

Mark Pearson event:
July 8th-Port Townsend
Arts for Elders

For additional information or if you would like to book Mark Pearson for your event please visit

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