Muse Letter, July 2018


“Life is what happens to you when you’re making other plans .” This is a line from John Lennon’s song Beautiful Boy (Allen Saunders shared similar sentiments in an article in Reader’s Digest in 1957.) 

Those words may never have rung more true for me than they did on June 8th this year when I unexpectedly had quadruple bypass open heart surgery. While all signs point to a complete recovery, I have dropped everything to concentrate on healing.  

At this moment the “gratitude cup” is overflowing – grateful for all those involved in my care – grateful for what feels like a chance to “reboot” – to look at life in a new light – filled with heart felt gratitude.. 



As many of you know between 2011 and 2017 I “lit” 49 virtual campfires – each containing a Campfire Song (or video) as well as a story or Campfire Chronicle. That collection of songs and stories – called One of Those Times in a Life – explored the various stages of my life and career. More often than not what I thought of as a journey of memory turned into an adventure of discovery.  

For the rest of the summer I will be reposting some of my favorite Campfires. I will be including in the posts thoughts on why that particular campfire was important as well as some thoughts about what I discovered while creating it. 

At the same time I am planning on continuing to add occasional videos from the May 2017 Benaroya Concert. Including in those posts will be thoughts on the role that particular song plays in this amazing adventure.  



This experience has strengthened my faith that SONGS SUNG, STORIES TOLD, AND LOVE SHARED CAN LEAD US HOME. I remain more committed than ever to exploring, discovering, and sharing all that can and might mean… 

AND I look forward in the near future to getting back to creating new SONGS AND STORIES FROM HOME. 

After more than a month of simply concentrating on healing I picked up a guitar again. Thanks to world class photographer, Ken Taylor, for documenting the moment. 

Picking Up the Guitar Again


At this time I’m not performing a lot but any scheduled performances will be listed on the Muse Letter. 

Sept 1st

Coyle, WA

7:30 PM, Laurel Johnson Community Center

Info: 360-765-3449

Mark Pearson

October 5th 

Langley, WA  

South Whidbey High School Performing Arts Center 

The Brothers Four

October 6th 

Mount Vernon, WA 

McIntyre Hal Performing Arts Center 7 PM

Ticket info: 360-416-7727 Ext. 2 

The Brothers Four

November 7th 

Kirkland, WA 

Kirkland Performance Center 7 PM

Ticket info: 425-828-0422  

The Brothers Four