August 2019 Muse Letter

What a year it has been. In early June of 2018 there was the heart attack followed by surgery and some setbacks. In September there was a road trip that included visiting my mom in Spokane, enjoying Yellowstone Park, and celebrating Mike McCoy’s daughter’s wedding outside of Jackson Hole. Soon after there was a singing tour of Thailand. That was followed by a visit to India to be with family as well as get to know parts of that amazing country. Later The Brothers Four performed in the Southwest before an extensive tour of Japan that included a concert in Hong Kong and finished up on a cruise ship between Ketchikan and Juneau. As Steve Martin might say, “A wild and crazy year.” 
A lot to be grateful for and to celebrate.
This summer has been a chance to be home, to get back to my desk, and to feel like a songwriter again. 
What is that old saying? “May we live in interesting times.” These times may be described as perilous as well as interesting. I feel like the soul of our nation is being tested and is at risk. I promised myself after the election of November of 2016 that I would spend none of my creative energy reacting to the noise that currently prevails. It hasn’t always been easy. Much of what I am writing about now has to do with what I have learned about LOVE, FAITH, and GRACE. I look forward to continuing to share what I discover in songs and stories, beginning with the Graduation Celebration.    


For the last month or so I have been sharing videos of the Graduation Celebration. You can watch them on the website or on the YouTube channel. Six video clips of the event are currently available. These include one where the group I sang with in college, The Mourning Ryde, appears on stage for the first time in more than 50 years. In another video I am able to publicly thank Mike Kirkland, the guy I replaced in The Brothers Four, for laying the groundwork for my career. Then he joins me and other members of the group onstage. Special moments for sure. The Graduation Celebration may be summed up with what I will share in the 10th and final video clip:
At its best among the gifts that higher learning affords us is the time and the chance – in a safe and challenging environment – to grapple with essential existential questions: who are we – why are we here – what are we meant to do with our lives – 
What did I learn on my return? That shame can be a trailhead to grace – that in the end it IS about faith, hope, and love – love the greatest but faith perhaps the most important – also – like it or not – know it or not – we are not alone – what we do important – but who we are is essential – and, blessed are the defining moments – that may give us meaning – and can lead to understanding –
The last few sentences of my final paper are these: this I know: Everyone has a story. Everyone has value. I want and can be someone who tells my story and gives a space and a place and ways for others to share theirs. I say this believing in our collective sharing that we may find the ties that bind. And at the core of what we find may there be love.

Hope you have a chance to watch a video or two of what for me was a life affirming event. 


It means a lot that you would take the time to listen to the songs and the stories that I am sharing. I continue to search for ways to make this journey financially self-sustaining. One way I am trying is to ask folks to become PATRONS through PATREON. With a contribution of any amount you are entitled to your choice of any CD I’ve recorded as a solo artist or with McCoy. If you are willing to give $10 per month for a year you will receive a video of the May 2017 CONCERT AT BENAROYA HALL or a video of the GRADUATION CELEBRATION as well as two CD’s of your choice.