Opening the Gate

It was important remembering my parents to return to familiar places. We moved to Spokane from Shakopee, Minnesota when I was five years old. The next year we moved into the house where we stayed until I graduated from high school. In some ways it was hard to lose that sense of place. To not be able to go back to my old room. To escape the world in that way. It also helped draw a distinct line between "before" and "after."

It is fun to look at the Christmas card from 1957. I was the same age as my oldest grandson is today. The dog in the picture, Ophir, was born in the basement of the house.

Holiday greetings Circa 1957
Christmas card from the 50s

Opening the Gate

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My mom said she always wanted to be a mother. There was a time in her late 60's when she was dealing with some serious health issues. She wondered if she would ever get to know her grandkids. As it turned out she would live another 30 years and had time to get to know her grandkids and even her great grandkids. She was someone with a very strong faith. When I wrote her this song it felt like the thing she would be most thankful for was to know and love those grandkids. That's how the song begins. "Thank you, Lord, for giving me time to hold a grandchild of mine."

Mother and child

Thank You, Lord

  1. Lot's of gratitude

Take this song home with you. Download here.


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Published 10/10/2023