Songs with Stories


  • Tokyo Music Festival 1979

    It is because of The Brothers Four that I have been able to live a life and have a career singing songs and telling stories. The group gave me my start at 21 in 1969.

  • Both Sides Now

    When I joined The Brothers Four in 1969 the group needed to record one more album for Columbia Records. We went to LA and recorded in January. They asked me to sing a solo on Both Sides Now.

  • Winds of Green a song for our world

    The Brothers Four introduced "Winds of Green" in Japan in 1990. It was written by founding group member, Bob Flick. In writing this song, as well as producing the recording, Bob showcased what The Brothers Four do well.

  • Singing Where Have All the Flowers Gone at the DMZ

    In 2008 The Brothers Four were invited to sing at a musical festival in Seoul. In addition to performing in the Olympic Stadium we had a chance to go to the DMZ that divides North and South Korea and perform at a nearby venue.

  • I Will Be There

    The Brothers Four left Columbia Records and signed with Fantasy Records in 1970. When we were choosing material for the new album I showed the guys a song I had written. It was a thrill to have it be on the album.