Gratitude, Grit and Grace Concert #3

Songs & Stories From Home Episode 21

There are three songs in this Podcast. The 1st is the title song of the “Gratitude, Grit, and Grace” album as well as the first song of the second half of the Benaroya Hall concert. The 2nd song on this podcast, “Asking of You Now,” talks of one of many encounters I have had asking someone I hurt to forgive me and to extend me grace. I believe extending or being extended grace are among the greatest gifts we can give or receive. Which leads to the 3rd song on this Podcast, “The Mystery of Grace.” I have come to trust the idea that we can live a meaningful life if we live that life with an attitude of gratitude – if we are willing to offer grace and accept it from others as well as ourselves – and if we have the grit to keep going even in and through our darkest times.