Graduation Celebration Part Five - On The Shoulders of Giants

Songs & Stories From Home Episode 13

This section further illustrates the idea that we are all in this together, and that we are all somehow connected. It also touches on the idea that those who came before us can both haunt us as ghosts or help show us the way as guides or guardians. When I first replaced Mike Kirkland in The Brothers Four I felt stuck in his shadow. In other words I was somehow haunted by him. Eventually I realized that instead of being lost in his shadow that I had been instead standing on his shoulders. With that realization he became in many ways my guide and guardian. That truth bonded us in a unique and precious way. This event was a chance for me to publicly thank him and for us to sing songs made famous by the group. We are joined by group members past and present. It was the first time in more than fifty years that Mike Kirkland had stood on stage as a member of The Brothers Four. It was very emotional for me to watch he and one of his original partners, John Paine, together on stage after all these years. A life highlight to sing for sure.

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