Campfire 3

A Page Filled with Gratitude…

One of the best parts of the last year has been having a chance to work with an amazing group of talented people while getting ready to share this journey of songs and stories.
Here are some of the people who are invaluable to the process and the journey:

Al Bergstein - Mountainstone Productions
Al creates the videos for One of Those Times in a Life. He brings a wonderful artistic and technical sensibility, understanding in life and work that craft is important and art is essential.

Jonathan Henson - Oxbow Rising
Jonathan’s official title is Web & Systems Developer. Along with his partners, Michael Hayes and Alexa Voyer, they are the ones who create a welcoming and comfortable place for everyone to join in the journey.

Renne Emiko Brock-Richmond –
Renne describes her work this way: “…Encouraging connections and creating community through supportive hands-on instruction with inspired results.” I couldn’t have said it better myself.

Patti Miles Van Beuzekom - The Paradise Theatre School
Patti is the artistic director for and co-producer of the audio essays. She brings a guiding hand and a loving heart to whatever she does and makes everything and everyone around her more and better.

George Rezendes - Tool Shed Sound Lab
George records the audio for all the videos as well as the audio essays. As someone who is important to both the concert and story aspects of the journey I have to trust him completely. I do.

Anna Quinn - The Writers' Workshoppe
Anna is a keeper of the faith. She has a love of language and an understanding of all it can both conceal and reveal.

Kathleen Purdy -
Small Business Development Center at WSU
Kathleen freely shares time and information regarding setting up and sustaining a small business. Her insistence that I “cross my t’s and dot my i’s” continues to help and challenge me.

This is an extremely talented group of people. With the exception of Jonathan’s partners we all live or work on the Olympic Peninsula. Sharing this journey with them helps make this One of Those Times in a Life.
Blessings to everyone at this special time of the year.

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The Missing Peace

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The Missing Peace

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