Wed, 11/24/2010 - 10:53

Thought I’d take just a moment to welcome you and tell you about what I hope to do with “Just a Moment” as well as “Songs from the Campfire” and “The Soundtrack of a Career.” When I tell someone I hope to make an entry every week or so on three different blogs for the next year or two there is often a slight whistling sound and a bit of a head shake and a comment like “pretty ambitious” or “good luck.”

With “Songs from the Campfire” I hope to sing a song and tell a story and put it on the Website at the beginning of most weeks. Thanks to the help of a very talented guy, Al Bergstein, it feels possible. We are having fun and continue to figure out the best ways to do just that.

With “The Soundtrack of a Career” I will talk about the ups and downs of a musical career as well as try to make sense of over 40 years of memories and experiences. I will use a lifetime of pictures, videos, and recordings to help do that.

If there is a song you want to hear around “the campfire” let me know. If you have a specific question about The Brothers Four or touring or songwriting or recording let me know that as well.

Which brings us back here to “Just a Moment.” I hope to share something that may not have much or anything to do with music. For instance starting in the next week or so I will be talking about a walk I took around Mount Rainier with a friend of mine last September.

So, again, welcome and thanks for stopping by. I hope to “see you” again soon. I’m going to end this post with the song “A Moment in Time.” It’s about “Just a Moment” and is a song from the new album “Following the Light.”

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