The First Half of the 1990's

Mark & McCoy
Mon, 08/31/2015 - 17:12

McCoy and I were both settling into new lives in the early 90’s. While we did little public performing together we had music nights at each other’s houses. We sang at each other’s weddings.
“When I Am With You” is a song written for McCoy’s wedding.

At the end of 1991 Terry Lauber replaced founding member Dick Foley in The Brothers Four. The group was touring regularly in Japan as well as the US.

Besides being a talented performer Terry is a versatile and accomplished studio musician. In 1993 he and I went into the studio and recorded sixteen of my songs. We recorded live with no overdubs to keep costs down. I put the songs onto a cassette I named after one of the new song, “One of Those Times in a Life.” It was the first time in my career that I released a solo album. It felt like an important and natural step in my career.
“One of Those Times in a Life,” “With Me Wherever I Go,” and “My Boat is Small” are samples of songs from that album.

At that time as a songwriter there was often a difference between songs I wrote to sing and those I wrote to "sell." I am including a few songs here that I hoped to "sell" in Nashville, “Rocking Chair Philosophy” and “Glasses and Some Keys.”
Through the years I had been given conflicting advice on whether to present my songs to publishers as simply voice and guitar demos or with greater production values. By the early 90’s a desire to keep costs down made the decision for me. These songs are recorded with just voice and guitar.

The video is for a song I wrote for Pat’s and my wedding, “Let Love Go Forward.”

On September 13th McCoy and I will be singing this song and many others. If you'd like to join us please go to Brown Paper Tickets.

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